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You actually love your kitchen. It’s already well laid out, in fact, it was designed by a well-known name.

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May 15, 2023
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Having been the centre of gatherings for years, however, it is just a bit tired. A fresh surface and some new handles would bring it right back up to date.

Every kitchen can be given a new life by M F Turnbull. The team do kitchens and pantries from all eras – everything from the 70s and 80s to the very recently installed, where an owner doesn’t like the colour.

Making over kitchens saves money, and is environmentally friendly, preventing otherwise good cabinetry from going to landfill. “It has proven hugely popular,” says co-owner Monique Turnbull, “so much so that we have started a new website just for our kitchen makeover service.”

Stripping back surfaces is possible but it is not usually necessary. “We can recolour any type of kitchen surface that manufacturers can make. Even doors where the plastic coating is breaking down, we can remove the coating and apply the colour you want to the underlying substrate,” says Monique. Kitchen cabinets in melamine, paint, lacquer and timber can be refinished to create a new and modern look. “We have a great product, which is hard wearing, to go over melamine. A bonus is that it contains micronised wax – it makes the surface really easy to clean,” she adds. The process is simple, send them photos of the different areas in your kitchen and the estimators will give you an indication of the possible cost. If you are happy with that Steve Baker comes out to your home to discuss what you would like to achieve, and then provides a quote. The team will then arrange for the removal and reinstallation of all the parts that will be resurfaced in the workshop.

“Clients find it’s an ideal time to turn out their kitchen cupboards because they can see everything once the doors are off.  It’s a real refreshment of the kitchen inside and out,” says Monique. There is an in-house saying at Turnbull’s that “if you think it could be spray finished, give us a call because it probably can”.

Resurfacing old furniture is a favourite – a client will bring in an unusual piece, which has lovely proportions, and is beautifully made, yet the appearance no longer suits. Refinished in a bright colour, it can be a real showstopper, or it could start a new life with a shabby chic-style distressed finish.

“Working with interior designers on a special or much-loved piece that needs to fit with a new scheme is a speciality,” says Monique. “Upholstered items with timber parts can be professionally resurfaced and then the piece can be taken to your upholsterer for recovering.”

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