Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions, and while most answers will be specific to you and your kitchen project, some of our most asked questions are answered below

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fit Rangehoods?

Yes, our installer can fit range hoods and bench tops. We also can arrange joinery alterations, have kitchen appliances fitted and make minor alterations to overhead fridge cabinets, microwave areas and oven surrounds.

I need new doors, new handles, soft-close drawers?

We can make minor alterations to cabinetry or provide new cabinets where required; i.e. overhead fridge cabinets, microwave areas and oven surrounds. New door fronts if needed, soft close hinges and drawer runners.

Can I change the handles?

Yes we can fill the holes and the installer will fit the handles you purchase. Sometimes you can still see a slight indentation where they were but generally this is not visible once the new handles are on.

Can you repaint Formica tops?

Formica tops can be repainted. This is a speciality process which we will arrange through a specialist applicator.

Do you fit new benchtops?

We don’t sell benchtops, however you can choose your new benchtop from the supplier of your choice. We can arrange benchtops from the leading suppliers.

How long does this process take?

We firstly provide a FREE in-house consultation and quote. Once we have finalised the agreement, we allow 10-12 working days from start to completion.

Do you have warranty terms?

You are covered under the Consumer Guarantee Act. However, we stand by our work and trust in our team to complete any job to the highest quality. If there is an issue, or breakdown in materials or workmanship (Other than normal wear and tear) we will fix it! Guaranteed!

What colours do you have?

Any colour is possible. You can have any standard colour you like, off any colour chart. If you have anything different, or a specific colour, tone, gloss level or texture you may want, we can work with you and make it happen.

Does it chip?

Painted finishes are practicable and robust. They can take daily knocks ensuring that your kitchen remains “as new” for years. However, any paintwork will chip with a decent knock, we do supply a touch up kit for such times. Damage to a specific door or panel can always be repaired and repainted to a perfect match.

Can you repaint melamine (HPL board)?

Absolutely - Yes we can. We have been successfully repainting Melamine (and other High Pressure Laminate boards) for 20+ years. We use proprietary processes and products to ensure the paint adheres perfectly. We guarantee that this will last as well as any other painted surface. If there is a PVC edge, this can also be successfully re-painted.

Can you repaint a wooden kitchen?

Definitely. Timber kitchens can be made modern and chic with a new finish in the colour of your choice. We can also refurbish the kitchen to attain a new modern timber look.

What happens with pieces that can’t be removed?

Occasionally there may be panels that can’t be practicably removed. Options for how this can be dealt with will be discussed at the time of consultation.

Can you restore furniture?

Yes, we also offer furniture restorations where we can repaint old cabinetry, dining tables, coffee tables and more. Often replacing your furniture can be a costly expense, why not repaint your furniture to look brand new again.